“veggie factory” (BLOG TEST)

A “vegetable factory” which can grow plants in the special room with fluorescent light free of agrochemicals is introduced in Kyodo News. All of  the vegetables which are made in “veggie factory are not affected by the weather and they are completely safe for our bodies and they are now in Antarctic.


I have never eaten such a vegetable which is grown in the Green Room. First of all, I have never seen that in the supermarket. However, I changed my opinion after I read this article. According to this article, Antarctic team can eat fresh vegetables thanks to “veggie factory”. In antarctic, outside temperature can be minus 40 so no plants can grow. “veggie factory” must be really pleased with them.

In this article, homemaker Sugako Seki says “I don’t have to wash it because it has no soil on it and I can eat it safely.” I think that it is completely true. In “veggie factory”, they can grow up by special kind of lay. Perhaps some people don’t like such way of growing. Then I imagined if the soil on the earth become poor and no plants can be grown up, we can’t eat any vegetables at all. I cannot live a healthy life without them. In fact such sad situation can be possible in the future, can’t it? When we face that, there is only one way to solve it. It’ “veggie factory”!!

As fur as I’m concerned, we have really smart and fascinating inventions in Japan so more and more people should understand them. On the other hand, I believe that Japan also has to be careful not to destroy our earth by inventing “veggie factory” or something like that. Inventions and nature have to be balanced. This “veggie factory” will appear in Yamanashi prefecture next time. I hope we can keep vegetables which grow on the soil with inviting new type of vegetables like this article. 






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Lacrosse is one of the minor sports in Japan. As for girls, one team is made up of 12 players and 1 goalie. They use sticks and a ball. And the rule of lacrosse is similar to that of basketball or soccer. I think that lacrosse is more complicated than basketball or soccer a little. Players can throw and catch a ball, run wherever they want and interrupt whenever they want to in the game. So, it’s a little dangerous for us to play. But there are a lot of fun!!

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Yosakoi festival

Yosakoi festival is one of the most famous festivals in Japan. There are some Yosakoi dance teams in Kochi university. And many students belong them. Their dance is different from each team. We can enjoy their powerful, dynamic and original dance around middle of August. It’s worth while watching and joinning them!!

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Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi

I watched Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi on TV yesterday. The main character “Chihiro” was forced to work at spring hotel. She wanted to help her father and mother. Chihiro learned many important things through the story.

In my opinion, we are moved by Jiburi series and they always give us something important.

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Turtles are likely to extinct!?

According to Kochi newspaper, hawksbill (Timai) and Osagame are in danger of extinction. One of the NPO is trying to stop it.

Both kinds of turtles aer very rare. Taimai is caught and used his shell as an industrial art object. Osagame‘s eggs are eaten.

There are many kinds of causes : environmental changing, human beings and other animals. I think that animal extinction is telling us that we might be in danger of extinction.


*Kochi newspaper (May 14th , P22)

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Hydrangea is Ajisai in Japanese.

In Aichi prefecture, many beautiful hydrangeas are at their best now. And some fireflies are flying in the evening.

We can enjoy wonderful time there.

When we are in rainy season, enjoy as hydrangeas do.



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June 21th

Do you know what the day (June 21th)  is?

It’s a father’s day!!

When we think about mother’s day, we can give some carnations for our mother as a present.

Then, what about father’s day?

I looked into the internet.

It’s roses!!

But recently it’s up to us what we will give for his father’s gift. 



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